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An idea for a change: An interview with Mirosław Janik, the founder of HiDone

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating this application? Until recently, I traveled a lot. Having four children, I often got an emergency call from my wife or my parents who live far away from me and ask for help. These were different situations. Someone got a fever and could not go to school, and consequently, the wife had a problem to go to work. Mom and dad got sick with flu and they could not go shopping. As you can imagine, I could not do anything remotely, just try to call and seek help from various institutions or among neighbors. If my own neighbors or friends I could ask for support in a critical situation, although it can be quite embarrassing for many people, my parents' neighbors I could not. I just do not know them or do not have contact with them. I thought then that it would be nice to have access to people who are close to those I need to help, willing to take action exactly when I need it. Such a little volunteer help. I would give a lot to be sure that everything is fine with my family. As probably most of us. I talked about this idea with my grown children and my mother. They immediately saw the opportunity for additional earnings. Mum even expressed the desire to help the elderly, willing to cook them, read a book, or just stay with someone lonely. My children declared that they would be willing to give private lessons and help in small physical work. Their friend, who can not have a dog because of the fiance's allergy, that it would be wonderful to be able to earn money by going out with someone's dog for a walk. A friend mentioned how long she had to wait for a plumber. In the end, she dared to go to a neighbor, and after 15 minutes he repaired her tap- all she needed was basic knowledge and the right equipment. There are many more such stories, and everyone with whom I spoke about this subject saw an opportunity for themselves - for additional earnings with the help of others, or to find someone to help quickly. This is how the idea for the application was created, the main purpose of which will be to show who needs what and when and on the other hand - who is available in the near and can help immediately. People need other people. And not just here, where I live, but all over the world. Therefore, this solution must be global. Many people, even those who do not speak English well, often use such words as "OK", "hi", "bye", "thank you" or "done". Together with the team, we thought about the name of the project for a long time, which is international and communicates what the application is for, and at the same time sounds quite good. The winner was HiDone - an international name, recognizable, giving a clear sense of the beginning and end of the service. How do you think HiDone will change the job market? For some time now we have been hearing how quickly the world is changing , as new technologies and artificial intelligence displace workers from factories, mines and steel mills. It is already known that every man during his professional life will have to retrain a few times. What's more - people over forty can no longer count on working for one employer until retirement. HiDone faces this. With the help of our application, students can earn, while economically active people and older people can make up for a salary or pension. Everyone defines when he has time to accept the order (eg on Thursdays 17.00-19.00) and how much he wants to earn (eg 30 PLN / hour, or 100 PLN for the service). Everyone also declares in what category he or she would like to earn money (eg help at home, handyman, care for seniors, children, tutoring, gardening, walking with animals, etc.). It can, of course, combine these categories. The application itself searches for jobs for a given person in its vicinity so that the time of reaching the order is as short as possible. There is also, of course, a chance to order a service for a few days ahead and the choice of the employee who best suits our needs due to experience, evaluation, price or professionalism of the profile. In my opinion, this is a huge change in the labor market. With a contract of employment, we pass on short and short-term orders (so-called GIG economy, that is, work from order to commission), which give great value to the community in which we live. Each user of the application can be a contractor after providing some additional information about himself. Who is this application primarily addressed to? The application is addressed primarily to all those who have completed the eighteenth year of life. Everyone can need help for themselves or their family members at the moment, but they can also find time to help themselves and thus make some additional money. Clients will surely be people who work hard in corporations, have children, parents outside their place of residence, and love animals. They will also be people who for various reasons have left the family home to larger cities or abroad, staying in new conditions, without family and close friends around. Finally, it seems that lonely and older people will also find support through our platform. I hope that the idea will appeal to our clients and will not only use dedicated individual services, but will also enjoy combined services. Who is your competition? I am not convinced if direct competition exists at the moment. Of course, there are solutions based on connecting employees with customers, but they are offline, i.e. someone sends a query, after some time someone answers, etc. With us, the customer gets to choose people who are willing and ready to help him, and he is not looking for help online for hours. With us all the time, even when you are on vacation, you can make money or call for help where you are or for someone you care about, even far away from you. We will find someone nearby who is active. We do not have full-time employees available until 15.00. We use the entire network of people who have registered with us/in our app. We are strong with their strength/ We are strong as they are. We give the application for free and we add the MOC of marketing for those who want to make money. We create their profiles, references and recommendations. Why only an app for a phone, not a web? Because everyone has a phone with them, and emergency situations happen not only when we are sitting at the computer. How do you see the future of HiDone in a year, two years, five years? We plan constant development with the best possible simplicity of application usage. We also want to gain other markets. Our goal is the global expansion that will make life easier for people around the world.